Tuesday, October 7, 2014

S7-1200 als PN-DP-Gateway

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 + S7-1200 als PN-DP-Gateway (2014-09-30) [101495058]
   For products: 6ES7212-1AE40-0XB0; 6GK7242-5DX30-0XE0
   Task PROFINET's popularity in the automation industry is
   increasing continuously. So there is often the task to realize a
   coupling to PROFIBUS DP networks from existing plants or
   plants,which could not convert to PROFINET yet. In pure DP
   networks, this task was solved up to now by DP/DP coupler. But
   current, there is no suitable product available- means a PN/DP
   coupler, where the PN part presents oneself as device and the PB
   part as slave. ...
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