Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Update 28 Nov 2013

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++ Firmware Update V2.0.3 for SM 1232, 4AO (2013-11-11) [83265863]
For products: 6ES7232-4HD32-0XB0
DESCRIPTION: This firmware update corrects an issue regarding channels 2 and 3. The error LED and DIAG LED for each of these channels continue to flash even after the channel error has been cleared. You can clear the error LED and DIAG LED by power-cycling the module. The analog output function itself is unaffected and continues to perform properly.

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++ Applications & Tools / Task / Technology / Communication

 + FTP Communication with S7-1200 (2013-11-12) [81367009]
For products: 6AV2101-0AA02-0AA5; 6AV2102-0AA02-0AA5; 6ES72
DESCRIPTION: Task Within the SIMATIC S7 family, S7-300/400 and S7-1500, but not the S7-1200, can exchange data with FTP servers via communication processors as a standard (CP343-1 Advanced, CP443-1 Advanced, CP1543-1). This entry shows an application example of how an S7-1200 can exchange data with an FTP server.

 + Acyclic Read and Write with the FB "IO_LINK_CALL" (2013-11-13) [82981502]
For products: 6ES7211-1AD30-0XB0; 6ES7211-1BD30-0XB0; 6ES72
Task The function block FB 'IOL_CALL' represents the conversion of the communication (PROFIBUS DP or PROFINET IO) standardized for the IO-Link technology to and from IO-Link devices.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

End Year S7-1200 CPU12xx Promotion!

Delivery Release of Firmware 1.05 for Profibus Module CM 1242-5

Delivery Release of Firmware 1.05 for Profibus Module CM 1242-5

With immediate effect, the CM 1242-5 Profibus module (6GK7242-5DX30-0XE0) is being delivered with firmware 1.05.
With FW 1.05 the CM 1242-5 now supports a change of the slave address out of the user program.
More information is provided in the FAQ with entry ID 81522429.
The download of the firmware is provided at entry ID 83151297
The module is configured with Step7 with the same configuration mask as that of the predecessor version 1.0. There is no differentiation.
The current firmware version can be interrogated in the Step7 Device Manager via Module Status (online connection required).

Download of Firmware V1.05 for CP 1242-5