Wednesday, May 11, 2011

GSD File Profibus DP Slave CM 1242-5 (2011-05-06)
For CM 1242-5 (6GK7242-5DX300XE0, V1.0) a GSD file stands at
disposal for project planning in strange systems.
Here ( 3 KB ) you can download the GSD File....


Sales Release for S7-1200 Profibus Modules (2011-05-03)
For products: 6GK7242-5DX30-0XE0; 6GK7243-5DX30-0XE0
The new Profibus modules for S7-1200 are herewith released for
ordering by I IA SC IC. The delivery release is planned for April
29, 2011. ...
Delivery Release: SIMATIC HMI KP300 Basic mono PN (2011-05-05)
For products: 6AV6647-0AH11-3AX0
SIMATIC HMI is expanding its product range of SIMATIC HMI Basic
Panels with the KP300 Basic mono PN for basic operator control & monitoring tasks.
With immediate effect, the KP300 Basic mono PN is released for delivery. ...

Manuals / Operating Instructions

Operating Instructions Profibus DP Master CM-1243-5 (2011-04-28)
For products: 6GK7243-5DX30-0XE0
Edition: 04/2011 Drawing no.: C79000-G8976-C246-01 1294 KB
Operating Instructions Profibus DP Slave CM 1242-5 (2011-04-28)
For products: 6GK7242-5DX30-0XE0
Edition: 04/2011 Drawing no.: C79000-G8976-C245-01 1256 KB
SIMATIC S7 S7-1200 Programmable controller (2011-04-26) [36932465]
For products: 6ES7211-1AD30-0XB0; 6ES7211-1BD30-0XB0; 6ES72
Edition: 04/2011 System Manual Part no.: 6ES7298-8FA30-8BH0
Drawing no.: A5E02486680-03 16483 KB
SIMATIC S7-1200 Easy Book (2011-04-25) [39710145]
For products: 6ES7211-1AD30-0XB0; 6ES7211-1BD30-0XB0; 6ES72
Edition: 04/2011 Manual Part no.: 6ES7298-8FA30-8BQ0 Drawing no.:
A5E02486774-02 8984 KB
SIMATIC S7-1200 Programmable controller system manual Update to edition 04/2011 (2011-05-06)
For products: 6ES7298-8FA30-8BH0
Edition: 04/2011 Product Information Part no.: A5E03506807-01
Drawing no.: A5E03506807-01 126 KB

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Siemens S7-1200 EX certified || 3 G Ex nA || T4

Siemens S7-1200 Certificate of Approval

  • To download full certificate and more, click HERE.