Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Latest updates from SIEMENS,

Great news! The Siemens Industry Automation Division has added new Profibus, Profinet and telecommunication services to the communication functions of the Simatic S7-1200 controllers.

New CPU firmware enables communication with Profinet IO devices. With two new communication modules, the Simatic S7-1200 can be operated as a Profibus master or slave.

Three new telecommunication components are available to users when they want to access the controller remotely from a PC or programming device.

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Step by Step Guide

Step by Step Guide

Step by Step Guide

Step by Step Guide

Step by Step Guide

Step by Step Guide

Step by Step Guide

Step by Step Guide

Step by Step Guide

Step by Step Guide

Step by Step Guide

Step by Step Guide

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thursday, November 11, 2010


We are leading system integrator & equipment supplier for :

for various industries including MMI & SCADA

CIM, FMS & other customized application

waterworks, wasterwater treatment, oil & gas etc

overall logistic, assembly conveyor system & others

industry automation components, S7-200, S7-1200, etc


Running STEP7 BASIC with Windows 7

STEP 7 Basic for S7-1200 is unable to run in Windows 7 for now; SIEMENS is looking on this problem and will be resolve soon.

If you are using Windows 7, the one possible way to run STEP 7 Basic is by using Windows XP Mode created by Microsoft to implement Windows XP in Windows 7.

Follow the steps below on how to run STEP 7 Basic by using Windows XP Mode

Requirement for Windows 7

Windows 7 Profesional

Minimum 2GB RAM (STEP7 Basic)

Minimum 2GB memory (Recommended 2.5GB)

Requirement for Windows XP Mode

.NET Framework v2 (Highly recommended)

Minimum 2GB RAM (Step 7 Basic installation)

Service Pack 3

Step 1:

Follow the steps to download and install Windows Virtual PC and Windows XP Mode (Minimum 500MB memory)


During installation, if a pop-up message asked whether to share device, select YES.

Step 2:

After installing, make sure you allocate minimum 2GB RAM and select your Ethernet connection that you are using to your Windows XP Mode. Make sure you are in “shut down” mode, not “hibernate” mode. Steps is shown below

Step 3:
After changing the settings, double click to open Windows XP Mode in your Windows Virtual PC folder and wait for it to start up.

Step 4:

After your Windows XP Mode is opened, you can install your STEP7 Basic in Windows XP Mode.

  • · Make sure your Windows XP Mode is in FULL SCREEN Mode (or else a error message will appear before installing stating that you must be in 1170x840 screen resolution mode.
  • · If a message state that you need .Net Framework to be install, click Yes. (Installation might takes few minutes, be patient)

Step 5:
When installation is complete, double click on the icon and enjoy.

Monday, November 1, 2010

S7-200 Help/F.A.Q

1. Overview
- What is the Siemens S7-200 Driver?
2. Device Setup
- How do I configure a device for use with this driver?
3. Data Type Description
- What data type does this driver support?
4. Address Description
- How do I address a data location on a Siemens S7-200 device?
5. Error Description
- What error message does the S7-200 driver produce?

How do you reset the high-speed counters of the S7-200?
Using an S7-200 without twilight switch, how do you have shutters open at sunrise and close at sunset?
How do you count values over 16 bits with the S7-200?
How can you limit the pitch of jumps with S7-200?
How do you configure the positioning module EM253 so that the connected stepper motor can proceed in both directions?
How do you position a servo drive axis using the S7-200 pulse interface?
How do you create a bar display in TD 200 or TD 200C?
How can you optimize use of timers in STEP 7 Micro/WIN?
How do you determine the frequency of a pulse sequence and speeds?
How can you scale analog values with S7-200 in conjunction with CPU224XP and expansion modules EM 231, EM 232 and EM 235?
How do you convert a binary number into Gray code (or vice versa) in STEP 7 Micro/WIN?
How do you convert the number format DOUBLE INTEGER into BCD code (or vice versa) in STEP 7 Micro/WIN?
How do you form the absolute and negative values of numbers in STEP 7 Micro/WIN?
Why does the PID controller created by the instruction wizard sometimes not work?
What do you have to do in the SIMATIC S7-200 in order to edit part of the program once after restarting?
The arc functions - Arcsin, Arccosin, Arctan - in STEP 7 Micro/Win
Scaling the setpoint and actual values in the STEP 7 Micro/WIN V4 wizards for PID control loops
Positioning Wizard for PTO/PWM in STEP 7 Micro/WIN V4.0
How to implement a three step control with PID-loop in the S7-200 via STEP 7-Mirco/WIN?

Click here for more F.A.Q links.