SIMATIC S7-1200 - Be flexible thanks to networking possibilities

SIMATIC S7-1200 Basic Controllers are the ideal choice when it comes to flexibly and efficiently performing automation tasks in the lower to medium performance range. They feature a comprehensive range of technological functions and integrated IOs as well as an especially compact and space-saving design.

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SYABAS Approved S7-1200 RTU 
The Siemens S7-1200 RTU and its related components have successfully passed the Proof of Concept (POC) and the product is now approved and will be listed as SYABAS approved RTUs.

Automation for less wet feet

The Deich- und Hauptsielverband (DHSV for short) of Eiderstedt is in charge of flood protection and the conservation of waters. Altogether, the DHSV cares for a total area of 37,000 hectares. In winter, monthly rainfalls exceeding 100 millimeters are not uncommon on Eiderstedt. For the water to drain off again, the DHSV is responsible for the hydraulic engineering and maintenance of more than 900 kilometers of the association’s receiving waters and 57 hectares of reservoirs, and also for the supervision of 4500 kilometers of private plot ditches.

Automatic conveying & handling system

A system integrator is modernizing the assembly line of a large U.S. automobile plant with rail guided carts with Siemens. The use of the SIMATIC S7-1200 controller is part of a fail-safe, automatic conveying and handling system.

Defying the frost

Cold spring nights pose a particular challenge to fruit growers. The frost – often following the first warm days of the year – is a real threat to the sprouting fruits. The agricultural company in Lower Saxony, Germany, relies on the SIMATIC S7-1200 to protect its blueberry crops – utilizing water to combat frost and prevent crop failures.

Innovative filling process with self-optimized valve actuation

The superior performance of the Simatic S7-1200 was the decisive criterion. This controller optimally fits into modular concept.


Speed and accuracy are the key success factor on filling systems. The systems are operated at double the speed compared to conventional systems. In order to maintain the exact filling quantity, the switching time of the filler valve must be adjusted in real time.


The systems are built up in a grid comprising 6 filling places each. One S7-1200 each switches the valves. The flowmeters are connected to 6 integrated high-speed counters, the data are transferred to a PC via the web server and visualized for maintenance.

Content counts! Exact weighing for fruit and vegetable packaging

When designing washing, weighing and sorting systems for fruit and vegetable processing, for example, the machine builder often has to takes highly individual, customer-specific demands into account. The vegetable grower also had special requirements for it check weigher.
The company was not able to conduct final check weighing at the end of the packaging process until now. A custom weighing solution in an integrated control environment had to change all that.
Another demand was that it should be possible to weigh different types and shapes of packages containing a variety of products.

The solution: Implementation of customer requirements in a flexible control environment. A total of three check weighers were put into operation. The core element of the weight measurement for each weigher is the Siemens SIWAREX WP231 weighing electronics connected to a SIMATIC S7-1215C controller.

Automated bulk goods processes: Robotics meets weighing technology

Collaboration between man and machine has long been a matter of course for us. The degree of automation is rising steadily in all industries, and the equipment and systems used are becoming increasingly autonomous thanks to innovative software solutions. Nevertheless, human manpower remains necessary, not least because it is humans who "breathe" intelligence into industrial robots.
The top priority of customer is always to minimize errors, increase speed, and improve flexibility of process operations. The solution provider has tasked itself with developing innovative solutions for industry and, in so doing, with coordinating work processes of humans and robots.
The task of the robot's controller was to perform accurate dosing based on a predefined recipe and to fill the bulk goods into the appropriate weighing device.
For controlling the weighing task, the solution provider has selected the Siemens SIWAREX WP231 electronic weighing module. This module is fully integrated into the SIMATIC S7-1200 control system.

SIWAREX WP251 and SIMATIC S7-1200 – the most flexible dosing solution

SIWAREX weighing modules convince JM Tronic as manufacturer of bagging machines for the food industry. In combination with the SIMATIC S7-1200 PLC series and the SIMATIC Comfort HMI series modern, flexible and scalable weighing solutions can be created. The SIMATIC TIA Portal environment guarantees easy and an intuitive programming of all components within one single framework.

Flexible drive system optimizes dough processing

Automation of a stamping machine* inside a dough processing plant
(previous solution: frequency converter and induction motor with intermittent gearing)
*Stamping machine: A stamping machine is used to press the desired patterns into the (roll) dough piece.
Flexibility because of high modularity is required in the individual machines.
Robustness because of high dynamics and precision are required in the process. Economic efficiency to remain globally competitive.
Drive unit comprising a SINAMICS V90 servo drive system and SIMOTICS S-1FL6 High Inertia with an integrated absolute encoder and PROFINET communication, SIMATIC S7-1200 control technology, engineering and commissioning via the TIA Portal.

M.C.M., Packaging

Thanks to the SIMATIC S7-1200 we can easily identify what is the currently happening in each segment and step in, if necessary.“ Gianluca Marzaroli, CEO, M.C.M.
Customer profile and project information 
M.C.M. (Macchine Confezionatrici Marzaroli) is global manifacturer of flow pack wrapping machines and filling machines and has gotten an experience of over 40 years. The M254 is used for example to wrap e.g. ice cream or snacks
The Automation of the wrapping machine M254 is solution based on SIMOTION D425, SINAMICS S120 and SIMOTICS motors. Completed is this combination by a fail-safe SIMATIC S7-1200 which monitors all E-STOP devices and the protective doors in each segment.

Critical Aircraft Maintenance System Gains New Capabilities

 Customer profile and project information 
  • Bauer, Inc., is a leading designer and manufacturer of aerospace component test equipment providing solutions to global aerospace markets,
  • HQ located in Bristol, CT 06010, USA, 90 employees, 6 service engineers and 32 design and project engineers, www.bauerct.com
  • Update tire inflation system, improve customer experience
  • Productivity and efficiency
  • New generation of SIMATIC Controller and HMI panels
  • Integrated engineering with TIA Portal
  • Library concept, usability reduce program importation time
  • Siemens global presence and more responsive than competitors

Saving energy, increasing safety

Customer profile and project information
The Marienhöher Direktvermarktung company, which originates from an agricultural production community, could continuously expand their production during the past few years. The agricultural sector with 700 cows and the direct marketing of dairy and meat products have developed into profitable individual companies operating under one roof.
So far, the insufficient transparency of energy consumption prevented to set up a separate balance. Further, it was not clear where the historically grown system entails  energy saving potential.
In a first step, a Simatic S7-1200 equipped with an energy meter module was installed as energy management system. The basic controller measures the energy values and displays them on the basic panel. 
Customer benefits
  • The solution is inexpensive and easy to install: The central unit CPU 1212 is sufficient to perform the planned tasks. Together with a KTP400 basic panel  and the engineering software TIA Portal, the control unit is available as a particularly low-cost Starter Kit.
  • Siemens provides the program required to connect the energy meter to the Simatic S7-1200 Controller and the visualization of the consumption values via the basic panel as an application example which can be downloaded for free.
  • We do not only display the savings potentials. Further important findings concern the dimensioning of the backup system of the unit which has been significantly expanded during the past few years.

Flood Control in the Hamburg Port

Customer profile and project information: 
Spanning a length of 145 meters, the Billwerder Bucht barrage ranks among Germany's largest flood barriers. It connects the district of Rothenburgsort with the Elbe island of Kaltehofe and not only protects port facilities and adjacent industrial areas, but also a power plant.
Due to brisk shipping traffic, the requirements placed upon the flood barrier's operational safety are extremely high. This necessitates the processing of very many safety queries by the line controls as well as their communication with each other.
S7-1500 controllers are used for line control. They are interconnected via Scalance Profinet switches with redundant power supply.
Customer benefits:
  • Conversion from S7-300 to S7-1500 entailed only few mouse-clicks. Migration was already successfully completed after 10 minutes.
  • Simatic S7-1200, S7-1500 and the TIA Portal offer state-of-the-art technology. At the same time, HPA is able to rely on a long runtime without system changes.
  • The Excel mass fstaunctions integrated in Step 7 saved a great deal of time in the creation of data blocks with numerous variables. Using the auto-complete funzction with pressed mouse-button, rows of variables can be created in a rapid and fault-free manner. Also user-defined, individually created data types facilitated time savings in terms of configuration and commissioning: They are created globally in the project; for reuse, they need not be copied, but merely called up. Non-recurring changes to these data types are automatically and consistently updated throughout the project.

Blast Furnace slag automation
Customer profile and project information 
EMTelektro Engineering Ltd. company from Brcko, officially exists since 2009. EMT is Siemens Solution partner. There are three main directions of our introduction to the market:
  • automation
  • pumping systems
  • process equipment
  1. Direct control of 10 AC drives by torque monitoring with sample time less than 0.1 sec, and their positioning on all 3 space axes  
  2. Harsh ambient conditions (Sand and dust >1mg/m³, humidity and condensatin) with high levels of agressive steam (burnt gas by RH <75 li="">
  3. Remote wireless connectivity with high redundancy requests
  1. TIA Portal engineering features and scalability
  2. SIPLUS S7 1200 Product Family with conformal coating
  3. Scalance redundant comunication reliability  
Customer benefits
  • Detection of crane grab location and condition, monitoring of motor load distribution Control of material transport
  • Equipment reliability, and possibility of remote control and positioning on zero visibility
  • Provides different remote control points and increased operator safety

Siemens Simulating the Great Barrier Reef
Customer profile and project information
AIMS is an Australian government research organization that specializes in tropical marine research. Using the new National Sea Simulator (SeaSim) aquarium facility, in Townsville, Queensland, adapted to the Great Barrier Reef, AIMS scientist can replicate ocean conditions.
Simulation of the reef to conduct detailed experiments to understand and predict the effects of global and local climate change on the marine environment in cooperation with Siemens Solution Partner SAGE Automation.
  • Solution to provide a complete plant/ process automation system to run highly sophisticated marine research.
  • Solution for high-precision data collection and reporting.
  • High reliable solution allowing online system modifications and flexibility.
  • SIMATIC PCS 7 selected for its proven high availability, reliability and scalability.
  • Long-term Data logging and reporting with SIMATIC Process Historian and Information Server.
  • Common automation solution based on Totally Integrated Automation with integration of modular plants based on S7-1200/S7-1500.
Customer benefits
  • Highly reliable, high available and scalable control system
  • Ensure the capture, consistency and security of the experimental data
  • Long-term data availability
  • Completely integrated Siemens solution based on Totally Integrated Automation

KUKA Malaysia S7-1200FC Regional Training
The Siemens S7-1200FC has successfully establish communication with KUKA robot controllers via PROFINET. KUKA Robot Controllers can now receive & send I/O handshake signals via S7-1200FC PLC through TIA PORTAL V13.

Inert Technology, OEM glovebox and gas purifier automation
Inert, based in Boston, supplies today’s most advanced industries with gloveboxes, gas management systems, and solvent purification systems. Founded in 1981 as Innovative Technology, Inc., the privately held firm recently re-branded itself as Inert to reflect their position as the world’s leading provider of inert atmospheres and equipment. Among their customers are the world’s top universities, government agencies, and Fortune 500 companies. Competition in the market continues to be strong so staying ahead is key by utilizing feature rich products with lower cost through modernization.
Inert modernized its OEM inert atmosphere products using the SIMATIC S7-1200 controller and HMI color panels engineered in-house with TIA Portal to simplify procurement, improve efficiency and time-to-market, implement custom features easily plus drive future innovation.

Existing telecontrol using a modern controller
The water supply and distribution industry often uses telecontrol applications to automate processes: in this way, remote outdoor facilities such as wells, elevated tanks, storm water retention works or pump stations can be connected to a control station.
A modern Simatic S7-1200 controller along with a Simatic touch panel is intended to take over the control and on-site operation of the pumping station. With the introduction of the new controller generation, Siemens initially used the internationally standardized transmission protocol 60870-5-104. The wide distribution of Sinaut ST7 and the associated customer demands for preservation of the status quo led to the development of the communications processor CP 1243-8 IRC (Industrial Remote Communication). This allows telecontrol applications based on the telecontrol protocol Sinaut ST7 and connects the Simatic S7-1200 controller as a cost-effective remote station to a control center or a higher-level ST7 station. For these (telecontrol) connections of the CP external industrial routers can be connected to the Ethernet interface of the CP and plug-in expansion modules can be used, for example to connect analog dial-up networks. To increase the system availability, functions for path redundancy and for alarming, for example via e-mail are available. Data security and access protection are ensured by the integrated firewall (stateful inspection) and VPN support (VPN: Virtual Private Network) with IPsec.

Solutions to automate the package opening of millions of packages quick, precisely and safely
ALS develops solutions to automate the package opening of millions of packages quick, precisely and safely; Vetter Steuerungstechnik was involved for the development, programming, implementation and maintenance; decrease costs, prevent damage of goods. The result was a patented system to open packages automatically quick, precise, safe in mail order and industry.
Heating with biomass – benefits from a single source
Efficiency, sustainability and economic success are aspects that are considered in every decision at Heizomat Gerätebau Energiesysteme GmbH – including when deciding on the renovation of the control and visualization systems for their heating systems by Siemens. Energy generation is in the foreground. In addition to the heated material, precise control is especially critical.
Refreshingly easy with crystal-clear benefits  
As one of the leading swimming pool construction companies in the Alps region, AC Schwimmbadtechnik serves several target groups – from private customers to commercial users. To be able to win over the various customers with their requirements, the company needs flexible systems and a sustainable concept. In SIEMENS, they have found a partner who can provide them with all of that.
SIEMENS TIA and Micro Automation for Waste Water Industry


Roadshow for IWK (28 APRIL 2016) on the latest technologies of TIA and Micro Automation solutions in order to save cost/time during early engineering as well as in maintenance stage. Actual demonstration sessions has been conducted to show sample solutions features and benefits.

Efficient Solar Tracking With S7-1200 and the Solar Tracking Toolbox

Project Information
The Bindlacher Berg solar power plant consists of three networked arrays with a total of three "trackers" that follow the sun. The plant is operated by an investment association which, together with the system integrator Gerlitz elektroGmbH and Siemens, is modernizing this solar park and has been able to increase the yield (insolation)significantly.

Read HERE.

Implementation of a mobile traffic congestion warning system

Project Information
Particularly in construction sites, it is very important to detect traffic congestion in good time. In this way, road users are in a position to react promptly and reduce their speed if necessary so that rear-impact collisions can be significantly reduced. For construction site safety, IBOTECH offers a mobile LED traffic congestion warning system. Modern technology ensures stability of the system and precise early detection.
IBOTECH has trust in Siemens technology and realized the modern traffic congestion warning systems with early detection using SIMATIC S7-1200. The Basic Controller controls the icons (traffic congestion, risk of traffic congestion, etc.) and the sensors for detecting the flow of traffic.

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Blanking Plant for Printing Plates with S7-1500/S7-1200/ET200AL

Project Information
Suso Sondermaschinenbau GmbH is a german engineering company located in Sulzbach-Rosenberg. Founded in 1994, the company is mainly building special machinery for the processing of metals, ceramics and polymers via 3D-milling, drilling, sanding or blanking.
Mounted on a tool holder system, the printing plates are automatically being processed running through a total of 13 process stations. The plant’s capacity can be maxed out, thus allowing for an unattended run over a certain period of time. This way operation can be maintained in between working shifts.
In order to meet the automotive branche‘s high requirements, it is important to us to cooperate with reliable suppliers ourselves.

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Perfect Storage Conditions of the Paper Archives... with TIA Portal

Storage of paper needs to be done in an environment with a stable level of humidity and temperature.  MERAK, situated in Schilde and specialized in long term storage and management of paper archives, addressed to the company One Building Management for implementation of a flexible controlling solution for the HVAC installation.The solution is based on a Simatic S7-1214C plc linked to a Simatic KTP600 HMI. The advantages offered by the integrated engineering framework TIA Portal (Totally Integrated Automation Portal) were decisive factors for this solution.
Flood control in the Port of Hamburg

The benefits
With the migration to Simatic S7-1500 and TIA Portal, we are now relying on the latest technology and can at the same time expect a long service life without any change of system. This argument was extremely relevant to the decision, because every change of system brings with it the risk of increased engineering overheads

System brief
With a length of 145 meters, the Billwerder Bucht flood barrier is one of the largest in Germany. It links the district of Rothenburgsort with the Kaltehofe Island in the River Elbe and protects not only the port facilities and adjacent industrial areas, but also a power plant. The flood barrier consists of two rows of barriers, each with four sections or "gates". Each of these sections is moved and held in place by means of two hydraulic cylinders. The gates are 30 to 35 meters long and 13 meters high and have a total weight of 1,600 metric tons. When there is a threat of flooding, they can be lowered within minutes – also independently of one another – and can subsequently be raised again. Four sets of pumps move 55,000 liters of bio-oil for this purpose. The system was expanded in 2002 and equipped with new hydraulic and control technology. However, even before the usual innovation cycle of 15 years had expired, the control technology in use could no longer be maintained in a satisfactory manner.

Scope of supply
CPU 1515 was chosen for the lines of flood barriers.
For smaller applications, such as water level measurements and displays, the configuration engineers value the robust Siplus version of the Simatic S7-1200 Basic Controller. This functions as an analog value calculator and controls the large display panels along the river Elbe by means of Profibus.

Benefits at a glance
- Easy and central monitoring of the whole system thanks to implemented GPRS and fiber optic technology – leading to increased transparency of pipeline operation

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Automation of the Oguz-Gabala-Baku water pipeline, Azerbaijan

The benefits
Thanks to using decentralized SIMATIC S7-1200 and S7-300 with Telecontrol via GPRS, all components of the 262 km pipeline can be operated and monitored with WinCC. Existing components were easily integrated via OPC.

System brief
262 kilometer pipeline to supply 432,000 m³ of potable water to two million Baku residents
- More than 100 control locations

Scope of supply
SIMATIC S7-1200 and SIMATIC S7-300 along the pipeline for gate valves control and collecting the data for leak detection – connected with redundant fiber optic cable ring

Benefits at a glance
- Easy and central monitoring of the whole system thanks to implemented GPRS and fiber optic technology – leading to increased transparency of pipeline operation

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Wastewater treatment plant Lüneburg, Germany

The benefits
The selected control system was chosen for its ability to optimize plant performance and made a more flexible process control possible.

System brief
- Total capacity: 325,000 PE
Pipeline network with more than 450 kilometers of sewers and 24 pumping stations

Scope of supply
Telecontrol technology stations: 36 stations with SIMATIC S7-1200 automation, data exchange via DSL or GSM

Benefits at a glance
- Easier operations control through additional operator stations in the plant and remote access through secure VPN connection

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Motion Control Machines – Lapauw International

Project overview
- Industry: Laundry machinery
- End customer: Lapauw International
- Region: Belgium – Heule
- Technology: Totally Integrated Automation
- Technologies: automation: SIMATIC S7-1200 plc; drives: SINAMICS G120C

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Pipe liner curing system

Objective: Comprehensive logging

A UV system is normally sold along with two robots – one for the necessary preliminary work in the pipe and one that mills and machines new openings for house connections after the curing – Reutemann’s next goal is comprehensive logging that integrates all the data, from inspection data to UV data to the robot data, in a single sewer rehabilitation software program on a shared data medium. Here he has again proved to be an innovator and pioneer who appreciates the advantages of state-of-the-art technology: “The Simatic S7-1200 allows us to connect the CAN (controller area network) bus used by the robots through an auxiliary module and to transfer their data to the control system and to our PC through the OPC server.” 

Read more at HERE

Realization of Filling Scales

Customer profile and project information
The proportioning scale automated by Holger Rohrbach for electronic operation portions very small parts with a unit weight of 0.07 g into packaging units of exactly the right number. The scale has a resolution of 0.002 g. The packaging is completely automatic - with the highest level of reliability.

  1. Reducing downtimes through increased failure safety
  2. Shorter amortization period
  3. Avoiding up to 30% of waste
Small Simatic S7-1200 controller to control the process.Two Siwarex weighing modules to detect the weight measurement.
Ultrasonic sensors to measure the fill level on the vibration system are connected via the new Simatic ET 200AL compact distributed I/O with IP65/67 degree of protection.

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Central Control Center "Drivusa" and Tunnel "1.Mart" in Bosnia, Herzegovina

To ensure the uniqueness of the European transport system a Pan-European network of ten main transport corridors has been defined. The main objective of this initiative was to achieve a corridor agreement with common standards, technical elements, traffic parameters and levels of service.   

All subsystems are integrated into the SCADA system and can be controlled in separate tabs.
 All end devices in the tunnel communicate over TCP/IP protocols with the control center. To collect signals from more sophisticated systems such as ventilation and lighting systems Siemens PLCs, such as SIPLUS 1214C are used.
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"Waterproof" drain management with Simatic S7-1200 at the Belgian Coast

Since some years, The "Autonoom Gemeentebedrijf Stadsontwikkeling Knokke-Heist" or AGSO – is responsible for the efficient management of wastewaterin the prestigious coastal city of Knokke. In their quest for optimization, Agso addressed to INARTI, a Belgian Solution Partner experienced for more than 25 years in electrotechnical and industrial automation projects.  The Siemens SIMATIC S7-1200 controller played a key role in this project.
The Simatic S7-1200 manages the elimination of waste water on the Knokke beach.

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