Monday, December 2, 2013

Update 2 Dec 2013

#  "FAQs":
+ How do you change the PROFIBUS address of the CM 1242-5 from the
   user program? (2013-11-28) [81522429]
   For products: 6GK7242-5DX30-0XE0
   Description A special data record 8193 is supported which can be
   described in the slave CPU, by means of the SFB53 and hardware
   identifier of the CM module. If this data record is assigned a
   correct request, the slave stack (similar to loading) is restarted
   with this PROFIBUS address. ...

#  "Applications & Tools, Tools":
++ Applications & Tools / Task / Technology / Communication

 + Library for SNTP Server Functionality in S7 CPUs (2013-11-26)
   For products: 6ES7211-1AD30-0XB0; 6ES7211-1AE31-0XB0; 6ES72
   Task The PROFINET CPUs S7-300, S7-400, S7-1200, and S7-1500 can
   only be configured as NTP clients for time synchronization.
   Therefore, for time synchronization of all components in an
   automation cell, a suitable timer system such as SICLOCK or - for
   synchronization using the proprietary SIMATIC process - additional
   hardware (communication processors) has to be used. Another
   possibility is the use of a S7 CPU as an SNTP server as shown in
   this application example. ...


++ Applications & Tools / Task / Technology / Drive Technology

 + SINAMICS V: Controlled Positioning of a V90 with S7‑1200 via the
   Pulse/Direction Interface with HMI (2013-11-26) [77467940]
   For products: 1FL6042-1AF61-0AA1; 1FL6042-1AF61-0AB1; 1FL60
   Drives SINAMICS V90 and motors SIMOTICS S-1FL6 form an optimized
   servo drive system for positioning, as well as speed and torque
   control. Through its optimized design, the system ensures high
   servo performance in a cost-efficient and easy way as well as a
   high degree of ruggedness. ...


++ Applications & Tools / Task / Technology / Human Machine Interface

 + Introduction of the new Basic Panels 2nd Generation (Video)
   (2013-11-26) [84212407]
   For products: 6AV6647-0A..
   Content This entry shows you a selection of features of the new
   Basic Panels 2nd Generation. ...

 + SIMATIC Apps: An overview about the most important documents and
   links (2013-11-28) [84133612]
   For products: 6AV2104-....1-0; 6AV2104-....2-0; 6AV2124..;
   Apps for SIMATIC Products Smart phones and tablets are easy to
   operate and facilitate fast mobile access to information and
   services. For this reason, a growing number of users of automation
   technology would like to use these devices in their professional
   environment as well. With a coordinated concept for industry apps,
   users can now deploy their mob ...

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