Thursday, June 20, 2013

Newsletter June 2013


1) How can you read in the S7-1200 CPU which data has been written by an OPC client to the process image of the CP?
The TC_RECV function of the CP returns always the complete process image. In order to know which values have recently been changed by an OPC Client a flag array “New_Received_TC_Data” has been introduced indicating which values in the process image have been written.  
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2) How can you read the GSM/GPRS network stuatus of the CP 1242-7 in the S7-1200 CPU?

 The GSM/GPRS network status of the CP 1242-7 can be read in the S7-1200 CPU via the Readrecord function and can be stored in a DB in the CPU
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1) Benefits of a Systemwide Migration to the TIA Portal
This set of slides shows the potentials of a migration to the TIA Portal. With the aid of an example system all the components are migrated and the resulting benefits described.
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2) Ports released for Modbus/TCP communication
By default, the protocol uses Port 502 as local port in the Modbus server.
You can set the local port as you wish in the Modbus client. Usually, port numbers starting at 2000 are used.

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1) Measuring& Control S7-1200 Set 22: Data Communication between S7-1200 and SENTRON PAC3200 via MODBUS TCP
Configuration Example describes the data exchange of a S7-1200 controller with one or several SENTRON PAC3200 power monitoring devices based on the Modbus/TCP protocol.
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2)  Industrial Remote Communication S7-1200 Set 30: Data communication between a S7-1200 and Telecontrol Server Basic
Task In a stormwater retention basin, excess water is stored to relieve the sewer system.
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3) Industrial Remote Communication S7-1200 Set 34: Data communication between a S7-1200 and Telecontrol Server Basic via a temporary GPRS connection
Task A temperature feeler that is connected to the programmable logic controller (PLC) continuously measures the room temperature of a storage room.
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