Friday, August 12, 2011

New Features for S7-1200 and Step 7 V11
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Step 7 V11 and the S7-1200 CPU firmware V2 provide additional capabilities and features
  • To allow you more control of how you define the data in your user program, S7-1200 provides additional data types, such as pointers, indexed arrays, and structures.
  • The instruction set has been expanded. New instruction include the following:
  1. Communication instruction include S7 communication GET and PUT instructions, Distributed I/O RDREC, WRREC, and RALRM instructions, new PROFINET TUSEND and TURCV instructions, and Teleservice GPRS and TM_MAIL instructions.
  2. A new Calculator instruction allows you to enter an equation directly into your LAD or FBD program.
  3. Additional Interrupt instruction allow you to set and query time delay and cyclic interrupts.
  4. You can also use the new diagnostic instruction to read the LED status or other diagnostic information about modules and devices.
  5. There is also a new easy-to-use PID_3Step instruction.
  • PROFINET UDP is now supported. UDP provides a "broadcast" communication functionality
  • The S7-1200 CPU is a PROFINET IO controller.
  • Step 7 V11 provides an "undo" function.
  • Step 7 provides STOP and RUN button on the toolbar for stopping nd starting the CPU.
  • The "force table" is separate from the watch table and allows you to force inputs and outputs.
  • You an copy-protect your user program or code blocks by binding them to a specific CPU or memory card.
  • You can capture and restore various states for your code blocks.
  • You can capture the values of a DB to set those values as the start values.
  • With a click of a button, you can export the data from tables in STEP 7 into Microsoft Excel. You can also use CTRL-C and CTRL-V to copy and paste between Step 7 and Microsoft Excel.
  • Disconnecting I/O devices from the configured network without losing the configured devices or having to reconfigure the network.
  • Changing the assignment of a DB for an FB or an instruction (such as for changing the association of an FB from a single-instance DB to a multi-instance DB).

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