Thursday, October 28, 2010

BISTANIKA is a system integrator & specialist supplier. We provides packages to suit the client's needs. We are involve in the design, supply, installation and commissioning of special packages to clients' specifications.

Some examples are as follows:

· Automation of Manufacturing, Fabrication and Material Handling Processes for
Manufacturing Industries.

· Automation and Control of Processes for Chemical Plants and Process Industries and Water and Waste Treatment Plants, Rubber Process Industries etc.
· Steam & Heating/Cooling Systems for Process Industries
· Provision of SCADA, CIM etc.
· Provision of Pneumatic, Hydraulic & Electrical Systems
· Design and Installation of Piping with Expansion Joints Systems and Pipe Hangers
· E, C&I for Power Generation Plant, Oil & Gas and Process Industries
· Batching System
· Complete Electrical, Instrumentation & Controls package

We supply the following products:

· Expansion Joints and pipe accessories
· Controls & Instruments
· PCs & PLCs
· Special Valves
· Electrical SwitchBoards and Control Panels
· Purpose Built (Customised) Equipment & Machinery

Provide In-House Training for

· Electrical Systems, PLCs, Controls & Instrumentation
· Basic piping design